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Who are the Team Members and Founders?

Hord was created by the DcentraLab team. 

DcentraLab was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating an ecosystem of on-chain products designed to accelerate blockchain mass adoption. Dcentralab is headquartered in Tel Aviv and Belgrade, with additional team members worldwide with over 50 employees.

Since DecentraLab’s launch, we’ve developed different products that produce value, increase transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution. These products include ChainPort, TokensFarm, Hord, and 2Key, with additional products in development.

Dedicated Hord Staff includes but is not limited to:

Meir Rosenschein - Product manager

Miljan Rakita - Backend developer

Srdjan Simonovic - Contracts developer

Mohammed Alshaer - Frontend developer

Liam Sutton - Frontend developer

Lourdes Viado - QA

Johan Zamora - Marketing manager 

Eko - Community Manager

For a full list of Hord’s staff, please see our team page.