We believe in the power of technology to make impactful and positive changes in the way we manage our crypto assets.

The world of finance is beginning to change towards a fairer, more transparent, and decentralized future. Hord leads the way in making that future accessible to all.

Hord Team

Meir Rosenschein
Product Manager
Miljan Rakita
Back-End Engineer
Srdjan Simonovic
Smart Contracts
Mohammed Mamoun
Front-End Engineer
Nikola Skadrić
Front-End Engineer
Lourdes Viado
Johan Zamora
Head of Marketing
Julian Segura Rovira
VP Marketing
Jon Ganor
Content Manager
Community Leader
Daniel Ilizarov
UX/UI Designer
Liron Tevet
UX/UI Designer

Hord Advisors

Erez Ben-Kiki
Dcentralab.com Co-founder
Eitan Lavi
Dcentralab.com Co-founder

Technology Partners

Hord Backers

  • DAO Maker
  • LDC
  • Blue Bridge
  • Chain financial
  • Coin98
  • Gate.io
  • Bella
  • Double Peak
  • AU21
  • Master Ventures
  • Liquidity
  • SevenX
  • Wings
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Candaq