We believe in the power of technology to make impactful and positive changes in the way we manage our crypto assets.

The world of finance is beginning to change towards a fairer, more transparent, and decentralized future. Hord leads the way in making that future accessible to all.

Hord Team

Nikola Madjarevic
Andrii Pindiura
Front-End Engineer
Mohammed Mamoun
Front-End Engineer
Liam Sutton
Front-End Engineer
Milijan Rakita
Back-End Engineer
Milan Mitic
Back-End Engineer
Srdjan Simonovic
Smart Contracts
Lourdes Viado
Danny Aberjel
Nataniel Elkaim
Data Analyst
Revital Basel
VP Marketing
Johan Zamora
Head of Marketing
Julian Segura Rovira
Jon Ganor
Content Manager
Community Leader
Meir Rosenschein
Product Manager
Daniel Ilizarov
UX/UI Designer

Hord Advisors

Erez Ben-Kiki
Dcentralab.com Co-founder
Eitan Lavi
Dcentralab.com Co-founder
Hatu Sheikh
DAO Maker Co-founder

Technology Partners

Hord Backers

  • DAO Maker
  • LDC
  • Blue Bridge
  • Chain financial
  • Coin98
  • Gate.io
  • Bella
  • Double Peak
  • AU21
  • Master Ventures
  • Liquidity
  • SevenX
  • Wings
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Candaq