Outperform the Market with
Hord’s Crypto ETFs

Each Hord pool token represents a basket of tokenized investments, making crypto strategies accessible and profitable!

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An Entire Portfolio in One Token

Hord’s tokenized crypto ETF pools reduce risks while safeguarding profitability.
Each Hord pool is a live portfolio that contains a selection of crypto assets and can be adjusted at any time.
Buy the pool’s token and get the entire basket of assets.
Track and Trade
Track and Trade
Track and Trade

Track and Trade Your Pool Tokens

Follow your pool’s tokens via a personalized dashboard that provides all the need-to-know information about your portfolio.
Hord pool tokens will be tradable on the Hord DEX*
*Hord DEX coming soon

Our Products

Viking DAO

Get early access to the most promising crypto projects. View and buy tokens at pre-market prices from vetted crypto projects.

Private Pools

Manage your hedge fund, VC, or DAO on-chain easily. Broadcast your portfolios privately to whitelisted wallets.
Private PoolsPrivate PoolsPrivate Pools

Champion Pools v2 Coming Soon

Create or join tokenized trading strategies that work for you. Champions earn commissions based on their pool’s popularity.
Champion Pools
Champion Pools

HORD Token

Central to the tokenized ecosystem
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HORD is used for:

  • Fee Reduction
    All platform fees are reduced by staking HORD token
  • DAO Governance Rights
    DAO governance rights are given to HORD token stakers
    Coming Soon
  • Exclusive Features
    HORD token stakers get exclusive early access to new features
    Coming Soon
  • veHord
    HORD can be staked to earn veHORD, a utility token used within the Hord ecosystem
    Coming Soon
  • Champion Ticket Staking
    In addition to the perpetual staking farm, HORD can be staked to gain access to Champion pools
    Coming Soon
  • Perpetual Staking
    Hord protocol incorporates a perpetual staking farm that offers high percentage yield

Hord Backers

  • DAO Maker
  • LDC
  • Blue Bridge
  • Chain financial
  • Coin98
  • Gate.io
  • Bella
  • Double Peak
  • AU21
  • Master Ventures
  • Liquidity
  • SevenX
  • Wings
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Candaq

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hord Protocol?

Hord is a protocol for tokenized baskets. A suite of new Hord products will launch soon, such as allowing users to participate and create tokenized crypto funds.

What is a Hord Pool-basket contract?

A Hord Pool basket contract is a unique smart contract that tracks price reference data of the underlying assets. As each pool will contain different assets, different pools will have slightly different contracts.

Who can create Hord pools?

Anyone can create a Champions Pool, and users can suggest projects for Viking DAO pools.

What types of pools does Hord provide?

Hord will offer two types of pools: Champions Pools and Viking DAO pools. Both pools will be tokenized baskets. Viking DAO will focus on baskets of early-stage projects, while Champions Pools will feature traders' portfolios in a tokenized basket.

Where can I trade Hord Pool tokens?

Hord Pool tokens will be tradable on Hord DEX, which will launch soon.

How secure are Hord contracts?

Hord’s smart contracts have gone through multiple independent security audits, confirming their security.

Which Blockchain does Hord operate on?

Hord launched on Ethereum as its native chain but has also been ported to BNB with assistance from ChainPort.

What’s the HORD token, and what is it used for?

Hord token is the central token for the Hord ecosystem, and it runs on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and BNB. The Hord token serves numerous use cases, such as staking and fee reduction.

Hord Audits and Security