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Hord is a Liquid ETH Staking pool that maximizes rewards with auto-compounding, MEV boosts, revenue share, distributed validators and maximum security.
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Step 1

Stake ETH

Your ETH immediately starts earning rewards.

Step 2

Receive hETH

hETH’s value grows as Hord’s validators earn rewards.

Step 3

Withdraw anytime

Unstake or swap to get your ETH back plus rewards.


Earn Revenue Share

Stake your HORD tokens and earn up to 50% of the protocol fees.

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Why Hord ETH Staking

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Easy to stake, easy to redeem

Designed for maximum simplicity when staking and complete ease when withdrawing or swapping back to ETH

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Distributed Validators

Hord runs a portion of validators through SSV, ensuring higher security and decentralization

No minimum illustration HETH on a scale

No Minimum

Users can stake any amount of ETH they'd like. There are no min or max caps

Security audits illustration

Security First

Hord is continuously audited, and validators are tracked over dozens of indicators a second

MEV boost illustration

MEV Boost

Hord’s validators work 24/7 to earn additional MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) which is compounded into the pool

Rising graph of HORD token


Rewards are automatically added back 
into the pool, generating higher APR for hETH holders

10% illustrate the low fees

Low Fees

Hord keeps 10% of validators reward, and out of that 50% will be redistributed to HORD holders via revenue share

Revenue Share

50% of income generated on the platform will be redistributed to HORD token holders.
To participate, all you have to do is own and lock HORD
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Revenue fee
10% fee
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HORD Stakers


What is ETH Staking?

ETH staking is the act of locking ETH to help secure the Ethereum blockchain. Participants secure the network and, in return, earn rewards.

Why stake ETH with Hord?

There’s a minimum of 32 ETH and basic technical knowledge required to stake ETH. Staking with Hord greatly simplifies the process, while offering no minimum deposits.

What is hETH?

The hETH token represents Hord's entire ETH staking pool. hETH is expected to increase in value in relation to ETH as validator rewards are added to the pool.

How can I redeem my ETH?

There are 2 options to get ETH back. Users can directly withdraw from the app by requesting a withdrawal, and then claiming their ETH. This can take up to 4 days depending on the withdrawal queue but is usually quicker. Alternatively, users can directly swap their hETH for ETH on Uniswap at any time.

How does Hord compare with Lido and others?

We offer lower fees than most other Liquid Staking Pools while maintaining a simple user experience and no minimums. With Lido controlling a large portion of all ETH staked, there’s a continuous need for additional staking pools to ensure Ethereum remains decentralized and robust.

How is the APR calculated?

Hord’s APR represents the average return users can expect over the course of a year based on a rolling 7-day average. APR can fluctuate due to reward rate, MEV, and boosted HORD rewards.

What happens to the staked ETH?

Staked ETH powers the Ethereum blockchain by running validators. ETH is locked while powering a validator but is released when it is exited.