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Simple and Secure Liquid ETH Staking

Hord is a Liquid ETH Staking pool that maximizes rewards with auto-compounding, MEV boosts, revenue share, distributed validators and maximum security.
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How it works


Immediately start earning ETH and other rewards


hETH’s value grows over time

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50% of the protocol fees go to HORD stakers

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Withdraw anytime

Unstake or swap back to ETH

Why Hord ETH Staking

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Easy to stake, easy to redeem

Designed for maximum simplicity when staking and complete ease when withdrawing or swapping back to ETH

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Distributed Validators

Hord runs a portion of validators through SSV, ensuring higher security and decentralization

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No Minimum

Users can stake any amount of ETH they'd like. There are no min or max caps

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Security First

Hord is continuously audited, and validators are tracked over dozens of indicators a second

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MEV Boost

Hord’s validators work 24/7 to earn additional MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) which is compounded into the pool

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Rewards are automatically added back 
into the pool, generating higher APR for hETH holders

10% illustrate the low fees

Low Fees

Hord keeps 10% of validators' reward, and out of that 50% will be redistributed to HORD holders via revenue share

Revenue Share

50% of the income generated on the platform will be redistributed to HORD token holders.
To participate, all you have to do is own and lock HORD
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In progress

  • SSV integration
  • Balancer hETH/ETH pool

Next planned

  • Eigenlayer integration
  • Affiliation program
  • Referrals
  • Smart approvals




What is Hord (the protocol)?

Hord is a Liquid ETH Staking platform that enables users to easily and securely stake ETH and earn rewards.

What is HORD (the token)?

HORD is an ERC-20 token that governs the Hord protocol and facilitates the revenue-sharing mechanism.

Where can I get HORD?

HORD can be traded for on Uniswap, 1Inch, and Gate.

Why is HORD on Ethereum and Arbitrum?

HORD was deployed on the Ethereum network, Web3’s most popular chain.
To reduce transaction costs, which can be high on Ethereum, HORD was also deployed on the Arbitrum network, which was built on top of Ethereum’s security stack.HORD staking, revenue sharing, and reward claims are all done on Arbitrum to reduce costs, while governance voting can be done on either Arbitrum or Ethereum.

How can I bridge HORD to and from Arbitrum?

Bridging HORD from Ethereum and to Arbitrum or vice versa can be done securely through our partner ChainPort.
To bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum click hereTo bridge from Arbitrum to Ethereum click here

How do I participate in governance?

Governance policies are put up for discussion on Discourse, and then are voted on on Snapshot.
To participate in the discussions, all you have to do is sign-in to Discourse, where you can suggest and comment on proposals.
To vote on a particular proposal, you should follow the Snapshot link from Discourse, connect your wallet that holds HORD in it, and follow the simple on-screen instructions.