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What is ‘Real Yield’ DeFi?

Real Yield DeFi refers to a concept in the DeFi space, where a portion of the platform's profits is redistributed to token holders. Unlike legacy DeFi projects that offered excessively high yields but later collapsed. Real Yield DeFi focuses on creating a more balanced and robust ecosystem by sharing a portion of profits with token holders. This mechanism ensures that the platform's profitability is derived from legitimate sources, making it more resilient and less susceptible to sudden crashes.

In Real Yield DeFi, token holders become eligible to receive a share of the platform's generated profits. The more tokens a user holds and stakes, the higher their potential rewards. This incentivizes token holders to actively participate in the platform and contribute to its growth and success.

By integrating Real Yield DeFi mechanisms, projects aim to foster a more sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem. Token holders are rewarded for their long-term commitment, and the platform's profitability becomes directly aligned with the interests of its community.