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How does Hord Staking Work?

The Ethereum network underwent a transition known as "The Merge" on September 6th, 2022, moving from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system. Through the Merge, Ethereum's mainnet and the beacon chain were combined.

Users can stake 32 Ethereum in the Proof-of-Stake network in order to run a validator. As an incentive, these validators receive transaction fees for verifying transactions on the network.

The process of staking Ethereum on your own requires some technical expertise, a dedicated computer connected to the internet, and 32 ETH in order to run a node. Staking ETH through dedicated platforms such as Hord or on exchanges may be popular due to the difficulty.

Staking ETH at Hord

Hord has launched a liquid ETH staking platform with the highest APRs, lowest fees, and an intuitive user interface. The most significant benefit is that there is no minimum stake requirement, so users can stake as much as they want. For stakers, the platform also has minimal fees for staking and unstaking ETH.

Users receive hETH in exchange for staking ETH at Hord, which represents their staked ETH combined with rewards. Thus, hETH is expected to have a higher value than ETH. 

Aside from being traded on Hord's DEX, hETH can also be withdrawn for its underlying ETH value following Ethereum's Shanghai upgrade. 

hETH and ETH Staking Rewards at Hord

Hord offers the most competitive rewards in the blockchain industry for staking ETH. MEV, auto-compounding, and additional Hord rewards are combined to provide high APRs on ETH staking rewards.

MEV stands for Maximum Extractable Value. On Ethereum, higher rewards can be achieved by prioritizing certain transactions as validators.

To maximize client rewards, Ethereum staking and MEV rewards are later auto-compounding. 

In an auto-compound reward system, all  ETH rewards are consistently reinvested into the staking pool to provide a higher annual percentage rate. As a result of auto-compounding, users get a higher yield than if they chose to withdraw their rewards after every period.

How hETH Works

1.Users stake ETH without minimums, and receive hETH

2.hETH tokens represent users' staked ETH proportionally combined with APR rewards

3.Hord has the highest APR rewards comprised of: ETH staking rewards, MEV boosts, and Hord rewards  

4.All the ETH rewards are all auto-compounded in the pool consistently to maximize APRs

5.hETH is tradable on Hord DEX or can be redeemed for its value in ETH at any time after the Shanghai hard-fork