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What is Time-Weighted Token Governance?

Time-weighted token governance is a variant of token governance that considers the duration of token ownership in decision-making processes. In time-weighted token governance, the influence of token holders is weighted based on the length of time they have held their tokens.

This approach aims to incentivize long-term commitment and discourage short-term speculation. It recognizes that token holders who have demonstrated a sustained interest in the project are more likely to have a deeper understanding of its goals and long-term vision. Time-weighted token governance aligns the decision-making process with the interests of long-term holders who have a vested interest in the project's success.

Time-weighted token governance encourages token holders to take a more active role in shaping the project's future by aligning their voting power with their long-term stake. It provides a mechanism to reward dedicated participants and discourage manipulative behavior.

By implementing time-weighted token governance, projects can foster a more stable and engaged community, enhance the quality of decision-making, and create a governance framework that rewards long-term holders for their commitment to the project's growth and success.