Deposit wstETH to earn . . .% APR with HyperYield Pool

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HyperYield Pool. Amplify Your stETH & wstETH Gains with Hord

Stake wstETH
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Earn extra rewards.
Liquidate any time.
Stake wstETH
. . . % APR

Boosted APR

Earn higher returns on your stETH & wstETH with HyperYield Pool! Hord offers an accelerated staking experience when staking stETH or wstETH with bonus $HORD rewards.

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Genesis Program Points

As a participant in HyperYield Pool, you become part of our exclusive Genesis Program hosted on GALXE - where you can earn rewards based on the points you earn.

Redeem your points later for the opportunity to join our exclusive airdrop.

How it Works

For optimal benefits on HyperYield Pool, all you need to do is deposit 
stETH or wstETH and hold on to your hETH token.

Claim $HORD daily
Withdraw ETH at any time
Stake stETH or wstETH


What is HyperYield Pool?

HyperYield Pool is designed to amplify your returns by depositing stETH or wstETH into our ETH staking pool. With a seamless transaction, you can help protect Ethereum from over-reliance on Lido, and earn $HORD in the process.

About Hord Platform

Hord is a Liquid ETH Staking platform that enables users to easily and securely stake ETH, stETH or wstETH and earn rewards.

What is hETH?

hETH is a dynamic value-accruing liquid token that mirrors your staked ETH and rewards. Always valuing higher than ETH, it's a symbol of your contributions to the staking ecosystem.

What are stETH & wstETH?

stETH and wstETH are liquid staking tokens representing Lido's ETH staking pool. While stETH is pegged to ETH, wstETH is a value-accruing token that increases in value as Lido's validators earn rewards. Both tokens represent Lido's validators and Ethereum's over-reliance on Lido and their validators.

About HORD Token

$HORD is the heart of Hord's ecosystem, powers revenue share, and drives governance. It entitles holders to a share of Hord's platform revenue.