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The Hord Community Approves the Revenue-Share Proposal

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
The Hord Community Approves the Revenue-Share Proposal
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  • Hord's Revenue Share Proposal has been widely approved by HORD token holders.

  • The Hord team is now developing perpetual staking farms to facilitate the distribution of revenue to HORD token holders.
  • Starting November 1st, 50% of the Hord's income will be stored & allocated to revenue share, facilitating HORD token buybacks and perpetual staking farm distribution.

  • The revenue share perpetual staking farms are anticipated to launch slightly afterward.
  • Token holders can stake or unstake their HORD tokens at any time, with periodic withdrawal availability to be determined later via perpetual staking farms.
  • The Revenue Share Proposal is anticipated to benefit users, advance long-term goals, and foster Hord's growth, ensuring a rewarding experience for the community.

Liquid Staking Platform to Share Revenue with Token Holders

The Revenue Share Proposal at Hord has been approved overwhelmingly by token holders who have voted on the issue. The proposal was designed to provide an additional incentive for users to buy and hold HORD tokens. It aligns with Hord’s commitment to creating a user-centric and rewarding experience. 

50% of Hord’s platform income, starting the 1st of November, will be stored and allocated towards the perpetual staking farms, which will launch slightly afterward. The funds will be used to buy back HORD tokens, which will then be distributed as revenue share. Users who stake their HORD tokens will earn a share of 50% of the income generated by validators. Users can unstake their HORD tokens at any time and keep whatever they earn until that time. 

We believe that this mechanism will not only benefit our users but also help us to achieve our long-term goals. We are confident that Revenue Share will further drive the growth of Hord and provide a rewarding experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned for more significant upgrades, Hordlers!