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Jon Ganor

Jon Ganor

Jonathan Ganor is a 35-year-old financial writer based in Tel Aviv, Israel, focusing on Bitcoin, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrency. While Jon’s original background is government and international relations, his interests shifted to financial markets and economics.

For the past several years, Jon has worked as a financial writer. While his first position in the field was writing stock market updates for trading platforms, he became deeply interested in cryptocurrencies. Later he joined a cryptocurrency project called Game Protocol and launched a successful blog called Crypto-Markets.News afterward.

The blog ran for close to two years and covered nearly every hot topic in the world of cryptocurrencies. On average, the blog reached 200K visitors monthly, with readers from all over the globe.

Over the years, Jon developed a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they work, and the best practices when writing about them.

In 2022, Jon joined DcentraLab, a blockchain and DeFi development hub based in Tel Aviv with additional offices in Spain and Serbia. Since then, he has been putting his vast knowledge into writing about various DcentraLab products, including Hord, Dcentralab Diligence, ChainPort, and more.

Jon enjoys a flurry of “geeky” hobbies in his spare time, including video games, all forms of sci-fi media, and books.