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Introducing Hord’s Token Governance

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Introducing Hord’s Token Governance
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The Hord Governance forum has officially launched today! Other governance-related systems, such as Snapshot, will be integrated in the near future. With the governance forum up, users can start drafting proposals, while voting will be implemented in the near future. 

The launch marks a significant milestone for our community & empowers every Hord token holder to actively shape the future of Hord. 

Systems Used for Hord Governance

Hord embraces a robust and multi-faceted governance system to ensure inclusive and transparent decision-making. Firstly, we have established an official Discourse forum, providing a dedicated space for our community to engage in constructive discussions, share ideas, and propose governance initiatives. This forum serves as a foundational platform for brainstorming, refining proposals, and gathering feedback from our diverse community members.

To facilitate efficient voting on proposals, we have integrated Snapshot as our preferred voting system. Snapshot leverages the power of decentralized governance by enabling Hord token holders to cast votes directly from their wallets, eliminating intermediaries and enhancing the security and privacy of the process. This user-friendly and gas-efficient system empowers every member of the Hord community to have their say and contribute to shaping the future of our ecosystem.