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Introducing HORD/USDC Pair Liquidity on Uniswap Arbitrum

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Introducing HORD/USDC Pair Liquidity on Uniswap Arbitrum
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We are thrilled to announce a significant update for the Hord community. Liquidity has been added to the HORD/USDC pair on Uniswap Arbitrum. This integration brings numerous benefits, including lower transaction fees, improved trading speeds, and increased accessibility for HORD token holders.

Enhanced Trading Experience

By introducing the HORD/USDC pair on Uniswap Arbitrum, traders can take full advantage of the advanced features offered by the leading Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Arbitrum's low fees and near-instant transaction confirmations enable traders to execute their strategies with reduced costs and maximize their profits.

Transition from BNB-based HORD to Arbitrum

To streamline operations and focus on the Ethereum ecosystem, liquidity has been removed from the BNB-based version of HORD on PancakeSwap. In its place, a HORD/USDC pair has been introduced on Uniswap V3 Arbitrum. 

This shift allows Hord to concentrate our efforts on supporting the Arbitrum network and offering a seamless experience for our users.

Read how to swap tokens with Uniswap V3 on Arbitrum.

ChainPort: Bridging the Gap

For our community members who still hold BNB-based HORD tokens, we are introducing ChainPort, a secure bridge that facilitates migrating BNB-based HORD to Arbitrum-based HORD. ChainPort ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to continue participating in the Hord ecosystem seamlessly.

Benefits for Hord Community

The addition of liquidity on Uniswap Arbitrum and the removal of the BNB-based version of Hord on PancakeSwap enhances trading opportunities. It also aligns the Hord platform with the goals of the growing Ethereum ecosystem. The focus on Arbitrum reinforces Hord’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for Hord token holders and traders.

Hord Contract Addresses

HORD token is now exclusively available on Ethereum and Arbitrum. Please see the contract addresses below for more information. 

Hord Arbitrum Contract Address:


Hord’s Ethereum Contract Address: