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Hord’s Staking Farm at TokensFarm is Live

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Hord’s Staking Farm at TokensFarm is Live
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We at Hord are excited to announce that a new Hord token staking farm at TokensFarm is live!

Hord token holders can stake their tokens and earn high APYs in the form of additional Hord tokens. Please note that the staking farm is only available for the BNB version of Hord. Holders of ETH-based Hord can bridge their tokens securely to BNB via ChainPort

Hord’s staking farm is featured on TokensFarm’s website alongside other active farms. The staking farm has a minimum staking time of 75 days to earn token rewards. The duration of the farm is 150 days, and over 300K token rewards will be distributed to stakers. 

Hord is launching this farm in partnership with TokensFarm, an industry leader in farm-as-a-service providers. The purpose of a staking farm is to allow token holders to secure their tokens in a smart contract in exchange for token rewards. The APY awarded to the farm’s participants is dynamic. The more participants the farm has, the fewer rewards the participants will receive, and vice-versa.

Those seeking high APYs can easily purchase Hord tokens via the "get token" button featured on the Hord staking farm to participate in the staking farm.

Stake your Hord tokens here!

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