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Hord’s Liquid ETH Staking Roadmap

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Hord’s Liquid ETH Staking Roadmap
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Hello to the Hord community.

Big things are coming to Hord's staking platform. With a solid commitment to providing the best possible staking product and experience for our users, we have exciting developments built by the team.

Here are some of Hord’s plans for the near future:

ETH Staking Withdrawals

Following the Shapella upgrade, the Hord team is working on new ETH staking withdrawal options. Upon withdrawal of hETH, users receive the ETH value of their hETH, and the hETH token is sent to a burn address. With this new feature, stakers can easily withdraw their staked ETH from Hord's validators, giving them greater control and flexibility to maximize their opportunities.

Reduced Gas Fees

The Hord team is working hard to reduce the required gas fees to stake ETH on Hord’s platform. The architecture behind Hord’s contract will be improved further and streamlined to lower gas fee costs and increase the platform’s adoption.

Permissionless Node Operators

Hord’s platform will support permissionless ETH node operators. This option will increase the decentralization of the Hord ETH staking platform by including high-performing external node operators behind the scenes.

Node Operating Services

Hord will become a node operator for other ETH staking platforms. By doing so, Hord is able to add and diversify income. This strategic move allows Hord to tap into new markets, build partnerships, and generate additional revenue, further strengthening the platform's sustainability and growth.

Improvements to Wallet Connect

The Hord team will improve the UI for Wallet Connect on the dApp. Over 170 crypto and Ethereum wallets use Wallet Connect, including Metamask, Trust Wallet, Argent, ZenGo, and more. UI improvements will make Hord more secure and accessible to many ETH holders and expand Hord’s reach. 

Open-Source Contracts

Hord’s contracts on Etherscan will be verified and labeled as Hord for easy visibility and to remove any confusion regarding contract addresses. The Hord community and developers can now access and view our contracts, fostering innovation and collaboration.

Bug Bounty

The Hord team will implement a bug bounty program to increase the resilience of Hord’s code and avoid vulnerabilities.     

Stake ETH with LSDs

Users will be able to stake other LSD tokens on our platform, including wstETH and rETH, to earn higher APRs.

Stake ETH with WETH

WETH holders will be able to stake WETH on our platform, reducing gas fees and helping stakers maximize their profits.

Improved Usability with Improved UI and Data Shown

We'll introduce new charts with clearer graphics and visuals showing users how much they earn by staking ETH with Hord.

Governance Platform

We're introducing a governance feature to empower HORD token holders to participate in important decision-making processes, such as proposing and voting on platform upgrades, asset additions, referral programs, and more.

Referral Program

We'll soon launch a referral program for our ETH staking platform. The program allows users to share the benefits of Hord's liquid ETH staking with their community and earn incentives for every successful referral.

Gnosis Safe Integration

We'll integrate Gnosis Safe to allow users to stake their ETH using multi-signature Gnosis wallets, enhancing the security and protection of their assets.

Stake ETH with L2 ETH

We'll add new staking options for ETH on popular L2s, such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon, to improve the user experience and reduce gas fees.

ETH Staking Private Validators

Users who stake above a certain number of ETH can run their own private validator to earn even higher APRs on average, making Hord a more attractive option for "whale" ETH stakers.

Insurance for Staked ETH

We'll implement an insurance program to safeguard users from slashing and other risks associated with staking. 

API Integration with Other DApps 

Hord will release an API that can be easily integrated into other DApps and DeFi projects. With this API, users will be able to stake ETH on Hord’s platform on other DApps. By releasing an API, Hord will become a more popular staking platform as users will be able to stake ETH effortlessly via other DApps.

Stake ETH with any Token

Hord's ETH staking platform will soon allow users to deposit a specific list of tokens.  A liquidation process will occur behind the scenes, in which the tokens will be converted into ETH and staked at Hord. The option to stake ETH by depositing tokens will open Hord’s platform to a very wide audience of crypto token holders.

ETH Staking B2B Solutions

Hord will expand its offerings to include ETH staking B2B solutions, catering to institutions and large holders. Our enterprise-grade staking service provides a secure and reliable solution for businesses looking to earn rewards on their ETH holdings. Hord’s platform will support any institutional staking needs.

In conclusion, Hord is excited to share our roadmap for the future of our innovative ETH staking platform. We are committed to providing the best possible staking product in the crypto space and have planned several exciting developments to enhance our platform's features and accessibility.

If you have feedback, suggestion, or other ideas, we could build to make Hord the best staking product, please share them with us! Thank you for being a part of the Hord community as we build and grow our platform.