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Hord Launchpad ETFs

Hord Team
Hord Team
Hord Launchpad ETFs
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Launchpads are an extremely popular part of the crypto investing ecosphere — and for good reason. Good launchpads — like Ignition by PAID, and Polkastarter — help investors find amazing early stage projects, and invest in them pre-launch. A good example of such a project is Hord, which was launched with the help of DAO Maker. This kind of deal flow used to be inaccessible to the average investor, but launchpads have enabled anyone to invest at an early stage.

Allocation is limited however, and greatly oversubscribed for every deal. This means that most of the volume actually happens at IDO. But when to buy IDO’s? And doesn’t it cost a lot in terms of gas fees to buy every IDO a launchpad does?

Hord Launchpad NFT Tickets

This is where Hord Launchpad ETFs come in. By subscribing to a launchpad hPool on Hord you get every deal automatically, 24 hours after the moment of IDO. This is done with the specific reason of allowing the price to settle and making sure you get the best possible price. Gas fees are of course mitigated because of the beauty of pooling transactions, as explained in our article on gas fees here.

Launchpad tokens have a very large volume

The tokens launched on launchpads have a lot of volume, and it’s a recurring market. We target the large communities of these launchpads with our ETFs, by helping them save time and money. What’s good about this for the Hord platform is that the high demand for these hPool tokens and their limited availability will create immense volume on the Hord DEX. This has token burns as an added benefit for HORD token holders as well.

NFT Ticket staking for these hPools will commence shortly so keep an eye out on to claim your allocation.

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