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How to Port HORD Tokens to BSC

Hord Team
Hord Team
How to Port HORD Tokens to BSC
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In order to enjoy the full benefits of HORD like Pre-Mainnet Staking, Champion Ticket Staking and LP Staking, you’ll need to have your HORD Tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Luckily our partner ChainPort has everything in place to make the process smooth and simple.

In this tutorial we’ll explain to you how to port your tokens step by step.

  1. Go to and click “Connect Wallet”

2. Select your wallet, in this tutorial we’re using MetaMask, we advise you to do the same

3. Click on the “Select A Token” dropdown menu

4. Search for HORD and click on “HORD Token”

5. Under “Balance” click “MAX” to port all tokens currently in your wallet

6. Drag “Set Gas” slider to “Slow” to save yourself some money on gas fees

7. Click “Approve Token”

8. In the MetaMask popup, click “Confirm”

9. Click “Port XXX HORD From Ethereum to BSC”

10. Click “Confirm Porting XXX HORD to BSC”

11. In the MetaMask popup, click “Confirm”

12. Your tokens are now being ported to BSC, wait for 12 confirmations to complete

13. After 12 confirmations you can click “Check It Out” to go to BSCscan and see your tokens

14. We’ll use the Chainport page now to add BSC to MetaMask: in the “From” drop down menu, select BSC

15. Click “Switch your Wallet Chain to BSC”

16. In the MetaMask popup, click “Approve”

17. Click “Switch Network”

18. Now let’s import your HORD tokens, in MetaMask scroll down and click “Import tokens”

19. In “Token Contract Address” copy and paste HORD BSC contract address: 0x39d4549908e7adcee9b439429294eeb4c65c2c9e

Then click “Add Custom Token”

20. Click “Import Tokens”

Done! Your HORD Tokens are now on the BSC network and available in MetaMask. Enjoy the benefits of Binance Smart Chain!


If any questions come up during this tutorial do not hesitate to contact us. As always our community managers are here to help on Telegram.

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