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Hord Launches X/Twitter Ambassador Program

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Hord Launches X/Twitter Ambassador Program
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Hord is launching an Ambassador Program which is designed to bring together passionate community members and reward their dedication. Becoming a Hord Ambassador is a unique chance for Hordlers to actively contribute to the platform's growth and development while having a blast doing it!

How the Ambassador Program Works

Rewards paid are based on the number of impressions per tweet achieved:

Tweet Submission

Each ambassador will submit a maximum of 4 tweets a week, the ambassador can make as many tweets as they wish, but only submit the best 4 of the week. 

The submissions will be done in a Zealy private campaign, and evaluated manually by the Hord team every Monday. 


Every Monday the Hord team communicates the different options to build content around. Ambassadors have the freedom to create what they like but within the topics selected by the team. Tweets, quote RT, and comments on other accounts are valid for submissions.


Every Monday the Hord team will review the tweets and assign rewards based on the number of impressions. The rewards will be paid in $HORD at market price and sent to the wallet provided by the user in their application form. 


All communication related to the Hord Ambassador Program will be done via the Ambassador Discord channel. 

Admission Rights

Hord reserves the right to admit, reject, and expel users from the Ambassador Program to ensure proper functionality. We are looking for ambassadors who, regardless of the size of their audience, demonstrate real metrics and attract users organically and beneficially for Hord.

Hord Token Payments

Payments will be done in HORD tokens in a weekly fashion.

Apply Now to Become an Ambassador!

To join, all you need to do is apply through this Google Form. If you're approved, you'll receive a Discord Role that'll give you access to the Ambassador Program channel. There, we will manage the program's operational side and work together to make Hord shine.