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Hord Launches a New Staking Farm at TokensFarm

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Hord Launches a New Staking Farm at TokensFarm
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Introducing the launch of a brand-new HORD staking farm at TokensFarm!

Key Details:

  • Rewards: 250,000 HORD tokens
  • Network: Arbitrum
  • Duration: 120 days
  • Min Staking Period: 50 days
  • Cool-Down Period: 7 days
  • Launch Date: 20 December 2023 at 12 pm CET

Why Stake HORD at TokensFarm?

To continue the upward momentum of the HORD token, we're introducing this staking farm to reward our dedicated community. By reducing Hord's sell pressure, we aim to attract more traders and investors, fostering a thriving HORD ecosystem. The cool-down period ensures fair participation for all. Rest assured, the rewards come directly from Hord’s marketing and liquidity budget.

Bridging HORD Tokens

The staking farm will launch on the Arbitrum network. ETH-based HORD holders should consider bridging their Hord tokens to Arbitrum via ChainPort to participate. The bridging process is secure, quick, and affordable. See our step-by-step HORD bridging guide for more! 

Join us at TokensFarm, stake your HORD tokens, and reap the rewards!