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Liquidity Available for hETH - ETH Pair on Uniswap V3

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Liquidity Available for hETH - ETH Pair on Uniswap V3
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Hord's liquid ETH staking has been in soft community launch mode for roughly a week. So far, the soft community launch has been a massive success. Over 130 ETH has been added to the pool over the past week, three validators have been added, bringing the total to five, and more than 50 hETH has been minted. In addition to this, Hord’s liquid ETH staking platform has been listed on DefiLlama as the 12th most popular LSD, despite not launching publically. 

With Hord’s liquid ETH staking platform, stakers receive an ERC-20 token called hETH. hETH represents the stakers' ETH combined with rewards they have earned over the duration of their staking. The value of hETH is always anticipated to be greater than ETH, and the ratio will grow as time passes. 

Liquidity for an hETH/ETH trading pair on Uniswap v3 has been added. With liquidity on Uniswap, stakers can trade hETH actively and even liquidate their position if they’d like. Additionally, holders of both hETH and ETH can add their own liquidity and earn trading fees.

In Hord’s ETH staking dashboard, stakers can conveniently see hETH’s trading price on Uniswap V3, side-by-side with hETH’s fair value. Furthermore, clicking on the Uniswap icon will take stakers directly to Uniswap’s trading interface.

The public launch of Hord’s liquid ETH staking platform is approaching soon. The Hord team will make the platform one of the most attractive ways to stake ETH. 

In addition to ETH staking, other Hord products will roll out soon, including Viking DAO. Stay tuned and follow Hord for more!