Announcing Hord’s Liquid ETH Staking Soft Launch

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
Announcing Hord’s Liquid ETH Staking Soft Launch

Hord is excited to announce the soft launch of Hord’s liquid ETH staking platform. 

The soft launch is the final stage before a public launch and is open to Hord’s community and team. 

The launch will start on Monday the 27th of February. To participate, head over to, connect your wallet and select the amount of ETH you wish to stake. 

Soft Launch vs. Public Launch

There are a few differences between the soft launch and the public launch of Hord’s liquid ETH staking platform. 

The soft launch will include even higher APRs than during the public launch. Hord’s team will distribute the ETH accumulated during staking testing rounds to stakers during the soft launch, along with new ETH staking rewards and Hord rewards. 

hETH, Hord’s liquid ETH staking token, will not be tradable on DEXs during the soft launch. Stakers will receive an hETH token, but the Hord team will only add liquidity on DEXs before the public launch.

The soft launch will last 2 to 4 weeks, although this could change depending on different factors. Afterward, the public launch of Hord’s ETH staking platform will begin. 

Unstaking ETH on Hord’s platform will be available following Ethereum’s Shanghai hard fork, which is due in Q2 or Q3 2023. 

At Hord, we would like to thank our community for their support of Hord as a project. The soft launch is a way we can reward our supporters for their loyalty. Earn the highest APRs on ETH with Hord’s liquid ETH staking platform. 

For an in-depth view on how Hord’s ETH staking platform works, please see our help center.

About Hord

Hord is a multi-product platform, including a unique Ethereum staking pool that helps investors and users outperform the markets. Hord offers various pools, with every pool token representing a basket of tokenized investments, making crypto strategies accessible and profitable. 

By providing a transparent dashboard to track the performance of portfolios, Hord bridges the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.