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78% of HORD Tokens are in Circulation

Jon Ganor
Jon Ganor
78% of HORD Tokens are in Circulation
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The supply of HORD is capped at 320,000,000 and the remaining 70,786,418 will be vested monthly over 5 years to the Hord Foundation and team.

The HORD token is the heart of the Hord ecosystem, providing holders with governance rights and a share of the platform’s profits via perpetual staking farms. 

At Hord, we know that a healthy token economy is crucial to the HORD token’s long-term value. With 78% of HORD tokens in circulation, let’s find out where HORD is allocated and how the rollout of the remaining 22% will play out for the platform and token holders. 

VC and IDO Vesting Done

78% of the total HORD token supply is in circulation. This includes all tokens from the IDO and tokens allocated to VCs, leaving only the team and the foundation’s vesting schedule. It's worth noting that the VC token vesting period ended on the 22nd of January, 2023, and the IDO tokens vesting period ended on the 21st of April, 2023.

How will the Remaining 70 M Tokens be Distributed?

As per a recent decision by Hord’s DAO to extend the team and foundation’s vesting period, the remaining 22% of $HORD will be vested over the next five years. By 2029, 100% of all tokens will be unlocked. 

The unlocks for the foundation and team will take place every month over the next five years. The amounts will be relatively small with no large unlocks.   

Click Here for Hord’s full vesting schedule.

How does this Affect Hord and Token Holders?

With most of the HORD tokens already in circulation, currently only minor unlocks remain. With the majority of HORD tokens (78%) already on the market, we are maintaining a healthy token economy, ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

The details of HORD's tokenomics can be followed via our GitBook, which is regularly updated.

Stay tuned for more significant upgrades, Hordlers!