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New Champions

Hord Team
Hord Team
New Champions
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Eight new $HORD Champions just dropped at

tehMoonwaLKeR (

Experienced KOL with a passion for crypto, quality, fundamentals & integrity

The Gem Hunters (

Community leader that specializes in research, reviews and education for investors

AU21 Capital (

VC Fund backing the Most Brilliant Founders in Blockchain (The Graph, Binance, Polkadot etc.)

Top Traders (

The largest RU crypto trading community and trusted analytic resource since 2017

LD Capital (

The most reputable investment firm in Asia focusing on Blockchain Investment and Trading.

The Crypto Room (

Home of The Trading Academy, free invite-only top signal group.

Infinity Gainz (

Parabolic gem seeking group on Telegram and early supporter of $HORD.

$trong (

Fulltime Investor & Trader | Class of ‘17

Go and have a look at 👀

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