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Hord’s Roadmap - Q1 & Q2 of 2023

Hord Team
Hord Team
Hord’s Roadmap - Q1 & Q2 of 2023
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Hello to the Hord community,

Following months of hard work and roughly a year after Hord’s launch, we’re proud to reveal our updated roadmap for the first half of 2023. The team behind Hord looks forward to continuing to build great things and contribute value to the DeFi ecosystem. 

The recent failures of centralized cryptocurrency services prove the necessity of a robust DeFi ecosystem. Hord plans on building a bright future for DeFi and leading the way.  

Here’s the planned roadmap for the first half of 2023:

  • Hord DEX Launch (BNB)
  • ETH Staking
  • Viking DAO Genesis Pool
  • Hord Staking
  • Multi-chain DEX functionality
  • Viking DAO Governance
  • Private Pools
  • Flexible Participation and redemption
  • Multi-chain Pool functionality
  • DAO Mechanism for selecting pool projects/tokens
  • Relaunch of Champions Pools
  • ETF Categories
  • Flexible pool participation currency

Hord DEX Launch

The DEX we’ve all been waiting for will launch in the next few months. Hord DEX will be a straightforward order book style DEX similar to ForkDelta built on BNB. Orderbook DEXs are known for their simplicity and no slippage. The only tokens that will be added to the DEX will be Hord pool tokens, paired with stables.

ETH Staking

Join Hord’s ETH staking pool and earn hETH rewards for validating transactions on the Ethereum network! Hord’s ETH staking pool includes competitive staking rewards and a knowledgeable support team. Earn, withdraw and trade hETH rewards daily.

The Viking DAO Genesis Pool

Viking DAO and its first pool, the Genesis Pool, will launch soon. Timing is crucial for the success of early-stage projects, and many promising Web3 projects have delayed their launch. As such, the launch of the Genesis Pool has been adjusted slightly.

Hord Staking

The Hord team will launch a perpetual staking farm for Hord. Farmers can earn attractive APYs by staking their HORD tokens in a secure smart contract. Staking is an ideal solution to accumulate HORD tokens without the need to trade actively.  

Hord Multi-chain DEX Functionality 

The capabilities of Hord DEX will expand from the BNB chain to other chains. By adding additional chains, many more tokens will be listed, and we expect to see a much higher trading volume. The next chain to be added will be Ethereum.

Viking DAO Governance

Hord Governance will be added to Viking DAO and the Genesis Pool. Wallets holding both Viking DAO pool tokens and Hord tokens will be able to issue and vote on proposals. These proposals will influence the future of Viking DAO and its pools.

Private Pools

Hord Private Pools will launch its first pools. Private Pools are complete infrastructure for on-chain crypto fund management built for hedge funds, VCs and DAOs. These funds can build a transparent portfolio on any EVM-compatible blockchain using Private Pools.

Flexible Participation & Redemption

The Hord team will implement flexible participation and redemptions at pools. Flexible participation and redemption remove strict time frames and participation windows. Once implemented, users can join or exit a pool whenever they’d like.

Multi-chain Pool Functionality

Viking DAO and Champions Pools will receive a significant update. With the Multichain Pools Functionality, these pools will support multiple blockchains and tokens from these blockchains. With the Multichain Pool Functionality, Viking DAO and Champion’s Pools can reach their full potential. 

DAO Mechanism

Viking DAO will receive a DAO mechanism allowing HORD token holders to issue and vote on proposals. With the DAO mechanism, users can vote on different projects and tokens participating in a pool.

Champions Pools Relaunch

Champion’s pools are making a comeback. Hord will relaunch Champions Pools with new crypto influencers and KOLs that anyone can follow. Followers will automatically mimic the influencer's trading portfolio, so newcomers and veteran traders can earn passively by following a trader. 

ETF Categories

Different pools that combine tokens under one specific category, will be listed under that category. For example, pools focusing on gaming will be listed as a Web3 gaming pool, as will pools focusing on DeFi, etc. 

Flexible Participation Currency in Pools

Users can join and participate in pools with different stablecoins. While currently, BUSD is the only acceptable stablecoin, the Hord team will add support for other popular options. The Hord team may extend support to USDT and USDC and other non-stables.

Q3 & 4 2023

Hord has planned a great roadmap for the first half of 2023 and is looking forward to continuing to build great things. We are excited to see what the future holds for Hord and the DeFi space as a whole. The team behind Hord plans on building even more cutting-edge functionalities that will give value to the Hord ecosystem in the second half of 2023.