Hord integrates the Orion Swap Widget

Hord Team
Hord Team
Hord integrates the Orion Swap Widget

The Hord team strives daily to keep on building and improving Hord as the best platform for crypto ETFs in the blockchain space. As part of the Hord’s efforts, the team has collaborated with the Orion Protocol and listed Hord token on their swap widget.

The Hord team implemented Orion's Swap widget as part of the improvements in Hord and its website. Orion’s Swap widget provides decentralized access to liquidity from all significant DEXs and CEXs in one aggregated swap. With Orion’s Swap Widget users can buy HORD directly from the HORD website, without even leaving the site! 
The Orion Swap widget will draw Hord’s token price data from PancakeSwap, UniSwap and Kucoin and will offer the most efficient swap to the user, optimizing the use of liquidity from these sources. 

By adding the Orion Swap widget onto Hord, users and Hord fans will be able to purchase Hord tokens easily at attractive prices. Its implementation will make Hord even more accessible.  

About Hord

Hord is a crypto ETF platform that helps investors and users outperform the markets. Hord offers various pools, with every pool token representing a basket of tokenized investments, making crypto strategies accessible and profitable. Like ETFs on stock markets, Hord pool tokens are actively tradable on Hord’s DEX. 

By providing a transparent dashboard to track the performance of portfolios, Hord bridges the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.

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