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A New Hord Staking Farm

Hord Team
Hord Team
A New Hord Staking Farm
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We at Hord are proud to announce the launch of a Hord token staking farm! 

Hord is collaborating with TokensFarm, the leading farm-as-a-service provider, to launch this farm. Staking farms allow token holders to secure their tokens in a smart contract in exchange for token rewards, the APY awarded to the farm’s participants is dynamic, the more participants the farm has, the fewer rewards the participants will receive and vice-versa.

The Hord team has decided to launch a staking farm for Hord to reward our loyal community members with additional Hord tokens. 

Hord’s staking farm will be featured on TokensFarm’s website alongside other active farms. The staking farm will have a minimum staking time of 60 days to earn token rewards. The staking farm has a duration of 120 days and will distribute over 400K token rewards to stakers. 

DeFi enthusiasts who want to partake in Hord’s staking farm can easily purchase Hord tokens via the “get token” button featured on the farm to earn high APYs. 

We thank the Hord community and hope farmers have a good time earning tokens passively!

The staking farm starts on 10/11/2022 at 15:00 UTC. Stake your tokens here!