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Hord Viking DAO

Gain exclusive access to early-stage crypto tokens at pre-market prices. Receive token allocations reserved for insiders before the project launches.

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Champion Pools

Invest and Earn Like a Venture Capitalist

Viking DAO offers access to private round allocations in exclusive early-stage crypto projects. Pools of up to 20 projects are created and backers can invest into these pools in exchange for pool tokens.

Backers can later trade these pool tokens on Hord DEX or wait until vesting periods are over and redeem the pool's tokens for their market value.

Viking DAO Pools

Coming Soon

Genesis Pool

Genesis Pool will feature up to 20 early-stage projects acquired at the best prices
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Launchpad Pool

The Launchpad Pool will feature early-stage projects from a top launchpad

Why Viking DAO

  • Early Exposure

    Success is for firstcomers. Viking DAO works with pre-launch projects exclusively, so you'll never miss a golden opportunity.

  • VC Pricing

    On average, Venture Capitalists (VCs) and private round investors receive tokens at 50% cheaper than at launch.

  • One Token, 20 Deals

    Investing into a pool with up to 20 different projects safeguards profitability while significantly reducing risk.

  • Trade Vested Tokens

    Trade Viking DAO pool tokens on Hord DEX. Capitalize on your investment earlier without waiting for vesting periods to end.*

    *Hord DEX coming soon

How it Works

  • Step 1

    Pool Launch

    Viking DAO creates a pool with a maximum size of $500,000 BUSD, allocated across the different selected tokens.

  • Step 2


    Get your stake in the pool before it reaches capacity by adding funds in BUSD

  • Step 3

    Wait or Trade

    Pool tokens can be traded on Hord DEX or redeemed once all project vesting periods are over. *

    * trading available when Hord DEX launches

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viking DAO?

Viking DAO is a Hord product that offers backers access to 20 early-stage web3 projects below public sale token prices. In exchange for their investment, backers receive a pool token, which can be traded on the DEX or, once vested, redeemed for the pool’s underlying assets.

How many projects are in a pool?

There will be up to 20 selected projects in the first Viking DAO pool. Because of the different project token schedules, the pool may launch without all twenty projects. In that case, the pool will hold the value raised in BUSD in the interim until securing additional tokens.

What is the Genesis Pool token (GENVD)?

GENVD is a tokenized representation of Viking DAO's Genesis Pool. Each token will hold its proportional value of the pool and can be redeemed once all token's vesting period is over.

How can I join?

You can only join the pool during the participation phase until the maximum pool size ($500K) is reached. To join, you must hold BUSD in your wallet and invest between $100 to $5,000 per wallet.

Who chooses the participating projects?

The Hord team will select the initial projects participating in the Genesis Pool. The Hord team will add governance in the following pools, allowing Hord token holders to vote on participating projects and their allocation.

How is the Genesis Pool token's value set?

The Genesis Pool token's value is influenced by the individual tokens' prices at listing and market sentiment. The Genesis Pool will be tradable on Hord DEX.

How can I redeem my tokens?

Once all tokens in the pool complete their vesting periods, token holders can redeem them. The pool token will be burnt, and the wallet that holds it will be sent the underlying assets held in the pool.

Will there be other pools?

Yes. Genesis Pool is the first of many Viking DAO pools. Hord plans on launching many more pools in the future. Stay tuned!

What is Hord?

Hord is a protocol for tokenized baskets. Additional Hord products, such as allowing users to participate and create tokenized crypto funds, will launch soon!

Hord Audits and Security

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Diligence Audit
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