Hord Private Pools

A complete infrastructure for on-chain crypto fund management built for hedge funds, VCs and DAOs.

Create a Pool and grant access to the wallets you want to whitelist. Those wallets can add funds to be managed by you.

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Bring Your Fund Onto The Blockchain

Hord Private Pools offers you the tools and infrastructure to open up and manage your fund on-chain.

Control who gets access by whitelisting specific wallets and set parameters to maximize your fund's potential.

Private Pools Benefits

  • Open Exposure to Your Portfolio

    Easily monetize your portfolio management skills without having to deal with contracts and money transfers.

  • Customize Fees and Rev-Share Models

    Set your pool success fee, withdraw fee, and even a native token of your own as mandatory per pool

  • Easy Legal Compliance

    Control governance of your fund by specifying participation, management, and withdrawal policies.

  • Build a Portfolio on Any EVM

    Build and tokenize a portfolio of assets on any EVM. All you have to do is select assets and allocation size. Our smart contracts will handle the rest.


Feel the Power of Hord

  • Whitelist Participants

    Control who has access - you decide who can own your pool tokens

  • Tokenized Holdings

    Subscribers get a pool token representing their share of the  underlying assets

  • Empower Your Token

    Collect fees and set your token as a default within the pools

  • Blockchain-Based Transparency

    Full transparency regarding holdings and trades, instantly accessible and always up to date

  • Adujst Your Portfolio Anytime

    Easily adjust your portfolio on-chain, changes are instantly visible to all pool participants

  • White-Label Solution

    Instructed by you, built by us: fully integrated into your own online environment

Who is it for

  • VCs

    Hord Private Pools offers an easy, trustworthy, and compliant solution for you to take your fund on-chain

  • Hedge Funds

    Further monetize your crypto fund by offering an on-chain strategy in real time to participating clients

  • DAOs

    The perfect on-chain infrastructure for DAOs of any size to easily manage joint investment pools

Hord Audits and Security