Revenue Share is now live! Enroll to earn 50% of Hord fees

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How to Claim Revenue Share at Hord

  1. Visit Hord's App: Head over to Hord's app and connect your wallet.

  2. Eligibility: Make sure you hold more than 2500 HORD tokens in your wallet. Both Arbitrum-based and ETH-based HORD tokens are accepted.

  3. Access Revenue Share: Click on the "Revenue Share" button located at the bottom right of the app.
  1. Check Your Share: You’ll see the amount of the airdrop and "My Share," which is the number of HORD tokens you'll receive. This number grows daily as you hold more tokens.
  1. Automatic Airdrop: The airdrop will occur automatically after you've connected your wallet and participated in the current "round" of revenue share. Each round takes place every month.

By holding more HORD tokens and participating in the revenue share, you can increase your share of Hord's revenue!