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Early Adopter Program

Hord has recently launched a cutting-edge Liquid Ethereum Staking Derivative or LSD platform. To celebrate, we are launching an early adopters program. 

To participate in the program, join Hord’s GALXE campaign and complete tasks like staking ETH at Hord.

ETH stakers at Hord receive hETH, a liquid and tradable token that represents a user’s stake combined with rewards. As such, the value of hETH is anticipated to always be greater than ETH. Traders can swap hETH/ETH on Uniswap, In addition to hETH, Hord will reward stakers in two different ways, a boosted APR and an airdrop.

Boosted APR: Hord is boosting the platform’s APR by adding additional HORD tokens as a reward for stakers. These rewards are proportional to the amount of ETH staked on the platform. The more ETH you stake, the more rewards you earn!

Airdrop: In addition to the boosted APR, Hord is conducting an airdrop for participants in the Hord GALXE campaign and ranking high on the leaderboard. Every wallet that has staked ETH on the platform will receive an exclusive airdrop of HORD tokens.

The Early Adopter Program offers a boosted APR and the opportunity to earn HORD tokens, which are used for platform governance and other utilities. With Hord's continued growth and expansion, these tokens will become increasingly important in decision-making. Early adopters seeking a voice on the platform's future can benefit from Hord tokens' governance.

Here's how the Early Adopters Program works:

1 - Stake ETH with Hord to receive hETH, representing your staked assets.
2 - The hETH tokens can be traded for ETH on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.
3 - A snapshot of the GALXE campaign will be taken to determine the eligible participants.
4 - Early adopters will receive a boosted APR and an airdrop of HORD tokens, enhancing their governance rights and voting power.
5 - HORD tokens are integral to influencing the platform's direction and decisions, ensuring the early adopters play a significant role in shaping Hord's future.

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