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Early Adopter Program

A special airdrop program is being launched for early adopters of Hord's ETH staking platform. Stake ETH with Hord to become eligible.

In order to participate in the program, early adopters need to stake ETH in Hord's ETH staking contract. In addition to hETH, Hord will distribute Hord tokens as an airdrop.

The Early Adopter Program offers the opportunity to earn Hord tokens, which are used for platform governance and other utilities. With Hord's continued growth and expansion, these tokens will become increasingly important in decision-making. Early adopters seeking a voice on the platform's future can benefit from Hord tokens' governance.

  • ETH stakers receive hETH
  • Earn additional points by completing Crew3 tasks
  • hETH is redeemable after the Shanghai update
  • Traders can swap hETH/ETH on Uniswap 
  • A snapshot will be taken mid-June

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