Viking DAO and HORD Token Utilities

Hord Team
Hord Team
Viking DAO and HORD Token Utilities

Hord is vastly upgrading its ecosystem with the launch of Hord 2.0, which prominently features new functionalities such as Viking DAO. With Viking DAO, backers can invest in pools of up to 20 early-stage projects at prelaunch, reduced prices & receive a pool token representing the value of the projects in the pool. Backers can invest between $100 to $5000 BUSD per wallet per pool.

While Viking DAO accepts BUSD for backing projects, the HORD token serves different utilities and is central to the Hord 2.0 ecosystem. The following utilities listed are only the ones related to the Viking DAO; additional uses for HORD around other products will be revealed in the future. 

Pool participation

Every pool following the Genesis Pool will require that backers to stake HORD tokens to participate in the pool. The Genesis Pool will be exempt from the HORD token staking requirement.

Fee burn mechanism

Viking DAO will include a 1.5% fee on transactions. The fees accrued in Viking DAO will be used to buy back and burn HORD tokens.    


HORD token holders can take part in important decisions regarding Viking DAO pools and the Hord ecosystem, including: 

-  Vetting projects that are candidates to participate in a Vpool. 

-  Choosing the allocation size of each project that enters the Vpool

-  Whether to hold, sell tokens for stables or for HORD in a pool after each token’s release.

-  Various marketing decisions.

DEX fees 

The Vpool token will be tradable on the Hord Dex. Each transaction will include a fee paid in BNB. Once the staking feature goes live, staking HORD will reduce the DEX fees.

Committed to strengthen the token 

Hord 2.0 will be a platform that will contribute value to backers and strengthen the HORD token. Through the HORD token and Viking DAO, early-stage investments will become more accessible to the general public and democratized.

Viking DAO is one of many Hord 2.0 products to be released. More products will be released soon, offering even more functionalities for the HORD token. Stay tuned, Hordlers.