Hord’s Roadmap - 2023 and Beyond

Hord Team
Hord Team
Hord’s Roadmap - 2023 and Beyond

Hord's team has been hard at work preparing for the launch of Hord 2.0 and its many features. While the launch of the Hord 2.0 App is around the corner, we’re proud to reveal our updated roadmap for the remainder of 2022 & 2023. Hord will continue to build great things and contribute value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem with crypto ETFs. 

Following the Hord 2.0 App launch, we will share an updated roadmap with additional goals.

We are excited about what the future holds.

Here’s the planned roadmap for Q4, 2022, and beyond:

Q4 2022

  1. BNB Hord DEX launch
  2. HORD staking 
  3. Multi-chain functionality 
  4. ETH staking product

Q1 2023

  1. Viking DAO Governance
  2. Relaunch of Champions Pools
  3. Private Pools
  4. Relaunch of the DEX on Starknet (ETH l2)

Q2 2023

  1. Multiple champions
  2. ETF categories (champions divided by topics)
  3. Flexible participation and redemption 
  4. DAO mechanism for selecting pool projects/tokens
  5. Flexible pool participation currency (BUSD/USDT/USDC potentially HORD and other known tokens)

Q4 2022

The final quarter of 2022 will begin with the launch of Hord DEX, a BNB-based order-book DEX. On Hord DEX, users can trade everything Hord-related, including Viking DAO pool tokens, Champion’s Pool tokens, and more.

Staking farms for the HORD token will be released. These staking farms will offer Hord stakers attractive APYs and other benefits. 

A multi-chain functionality will be released, meaning Hord will expand further to more chains.

A new product from Hord will launch, an ETH staking platform. This ETH staking platform allows users to participate in an ETH staking/validator pool with looser requirements. Users can stake a minimum of 0.1 ETH and receive hETH rewards. hETH can be exchanged with ETH on Hord DEX. 1 hETH = [total-eth-staked + total-eth-rewards]. The new product competes with the market leader - Lido, with some differences and improvements. 

Q1 2023

Champions Pools will relaunch. Users can create or join tokenized trading strategies, and Champions earn a commission based on the popularity of their pools.

Hord Private Pools are tokenized cryptocurrency funds that can be entirely managed on-chain using Hord’s robust platform. Participants that have been whitelisted can add USD stablecoins to the smart contract in exchange for pool tokens. The assets are automatically purchased using participant funds according to the configuration chosen by the fund manager.

Hord DEX will expand to the Ethereum L2- Starknet in addition to the BNB chain. Starknet is a new promising Ethereum L2 based on ZK-Rollups that offers lower Tx fees and vastly expands Ethereum’s scalability.

Q2 2023

By Q2 2023, Hord’s Champion’s pools will have multiple champions with different trading strategies and portfolios. These different Champions will be divided by the types of portfolios they trade (ETF categories).  

Viking DAO will add flexible participation and redemption options meaning that Viking DAO participants will have a less rigid structure. 

The Hord team will add a DAO mechanism for selecting Viking DAO projects. Hord Token holders will be able to vote to choose different projects/tokens and their allocations. 

Last but not least, The Hord team will add flexible pool participation currencies to Viking DAO. Flexible pool participation means users can fund Viking DAO pools with currencies other than BUSD, like USDT, USDC, and HORD.

About Hord

Hord is the first tokenized crypto ETF platform where users can follow and trade entire crypto portfolios in one token. These ETFs are for hardened traders and newcomers alike, as they reduce the need for research. All portfolios are fully automated with smart contracts, so manually adjusting your portfolio isn’t required. You can also actively trade these portfolios on Hord’s DEX, like ETFs on stock markets. 

By providing a transparent dashboard to track the performance of portfolios, Hord bridges the gap between traditional finance and DeFi. 

Website: Hord.App

Twitter: twitter.com/HordApp

Telegram: t.me/hord_app

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Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCOhzE0AKC1ZFElFqIxbFAmw

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