$HORD Token is Listing on MXC

Hord Team
Hord Team
$HORD Token is Listing on MXC

$HORD Token is Listing on MXC.

On May 11th at 08:00AM UTC the HORD - USDT pair will be added to the MXC Exchange.

In celebration of the Listing, Hord is hosting two events:

1. HORD Deposit Contest

Prize Total: 20,000 HORD

Period: May 10th 08:00AM UTC - May 15th 14:00PM UTC

2. HORD Trading Contest

Prize Total: 22,000 HORD

Period: May 11th 08:00AM UTC - 14:00PM UTC

Learn more https://support.mxc-exchange.com/hc/en-001/articles/1260805423050

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