Hord Launches Genesis Pool Early Adopter Rewards

Hord Team
Hord Team
Hord Launches Genesis Pool Early Adopter Rewards

The Genesis Pool Whitelist is Open! 

Hord is gearing up to launch the Viking DAO’s first pool, the Genesis Pool. The pool will include up to 20 different crypto projects that backers can invest in at exclusive private sale pricing. In exchange for their investment, backers receive a pool token representing the value of the underlying projects.

The whitelist for the Genesis Pool opens today! Register your wallet on the whitelist here and secure your participation in the Genesis Pool 48 hours before it opens to the public. 

Early Adopters Program

At Hord, we want to reward the members of our loyal community, so we are launching a rewards program to thank Hord fans and early Genesis Pool adopters.

The early adopter rewards will include 300k HORD tokens to be distributed among the first 100 wallets invested in the Genesis Pool. These rewards will be distributed proportionally per amount of BUSD each wallet has invested in the pool. Only users who are on the whitelist will be able to participate in the rewards.

HORD tokens will play a significant role in the governance of Viking DAO and pools. In the near future, we will implement governance, and token holders will be able to submit and vote on proposals that will be important for the evolution of the Genesis Pool and HORD in general. The more tokens a holder has, the more meaningful their vote is.  

All you have to do is to submit your name, email and wallet. Only whitelisted Genesis Pool investors will be eligible for early adopter rewards, so be sure to join the whitelist!

The token rewards distributed will be staked HORD tokens with a 6 month staking requirement. 

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